Crane/Crow ~ Bakasana

The first ever challenging pose I ever attempted was Crow, Bakasana.

Later on in my practice, I learned that if your elbows and arms are bent, then the pose is called crow. Once you straighten your arms, you are doing the crane pose. I haven’t gotten to Crane just yet, but since March 2014 from when I first did this pose successfully, I have made such progress. With each session practice, this pose has gotten stronger and straighter.

Crow Pose, Bakasana
March 7, 2014: Quick Yoga Session on my Birthday 🙂
Crow Pose, Bakasana
December 14, 2014: Day 14 of the #JustBePresent yoga challenge on Instagram


Crane, Bakasana
January 8, 2015: This was originally part of a video and I had to take a screenshot (hence the blurriness!). However, see how the arms are getting straighter! Hurray!


bakasana crow pose, yoga
February 16th, 2015: It’s just me and my soft jams for Family Day as I do some arm balances

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