7 easy steps to create watercolour thank you notes

Have you ever wanted to send a small thank you note, something simple but filled with thought, to brighten someone’s day?

Well you can and it can be done with only 7 easy steps and it doesn’t take too long!

You don’t have to be an avid DIYer to do this craft.

All you need are a few supplies and some creativity:

  • Thick watercolour paper (I used Canson)
  • Your favourite Tombow dual brush pens (I used #528 and #603)
  • Hard Tip Tombow Fudenosuke pens (You can also use the soft tip if that’s preferable)
  • Pentel Aquash water brush
  • Washi Tape
  • Heat Gun

Step 1: Cut out whichever size paper you want for your thank you note.

Step 2: Tape it onto a surface (or a piece of scrap paper) with some washi tape. Keep the washi tape’s distance consistent all around the thank you card – this will act as our border, later on.

Step 3: Using whichever colours you would like, draw some simple and thick streaks and patterns using your Tombow brush pen (using the Brush side). Don’t worry about the edges and corners not having any ink, we can fix this later with the water brush!

Step 4: Using your Pentel Aquash water brush, squeeze some water onto the tip and brush it against the streaks you make in Step 3. You will see that the water will dilute the colour into different blended shades. Tip: Do the same colours together and then move onto a different one after. Make sure that the tip is clean and if not, do so by squeezing some more water onto a piece of scrap paper until it is.

You can also use a watercolour paint brush and some water in a cup if you do not have the Pentel Aquash water brush handy.

Step 5: After you are satisfied with the watercolour look, the paper will be shiny and wet from the water brush. Use your heat gun to go over the surface for a few seconds to dry the surface. Depending on your heat gun and how big your surface is, it shouldn’t take more than 90 seconds to dry.

Step 6: Test using your fingers that the surface is dry and then remove the washi tape to reveal a white border for your thank you note. (This is why the washi tape application needed to be consistent in Step 2)

Step 7: Using your Tombow Fudenosuke hard tip pen, write Thank You in your own style on top of the watercolour pattern. Feel free to decorate, embellish or leave as is, to fit your personal style.

You’re all set! You can also repeat these steps to make a background for your Thank You message on the other side or you can feel free to write it on the white background using your favourite fine liner pen.

This craft is super easy and you’ll be looking for reasons to gift someone with well wishes after you create your first one.

I’d love to see your crafts! If you ever make a creation using this style, feel free to send it to me via Instagram @byinkandco and tag your photos with the handle and the #byinkandco.

Happy DIYing,


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